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Mission of SpeaknSpark

The mission of SpeaknSpark is to spark knowledge by connecting audiences to experts. SpeaknSpark is committed to fostering better learning in every community.

SpeaknSpark database is centered around Event Leaders searching for experts based off any budget, geographic location, and skill to find the best fit speaker for their event. The best speakers are knowledgeable, engaging, and inspiring and reviewing past audience reviews are ideal for best speaker selection. On paper you can learn a speaker’s background and job title, but you cannot preview a speaker’s presenting style or ability to engage and inspire.

SpeaknSpark was created to address this selection short-fall by allowing leaders to gauge speaking ability through past audience reviews of speakers as well as audio and visual clips. SpeaknSpark connects audiences to experts. Choosing the best speaker for an event results in better audience learning and event results. We’ve designed the site to assist event leaders and speakers develop higher levels of engagement and connection.

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