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Event Organizer Questions

How do I search for Speakers?

You can preview speakers in a speaker search here: can Event Leader Account. The first step is to verify your email.
Then you can narrow your search for speakers on our Advanced Search. page.
From your search, you can create shortlist of speakers you are interested in for events.
When you are ready you can send individuals or a shortlist of speakers a booking request.

Will I be charged?

Creating an Event Leader account, searching Speakers, and browsing profiles is always free. SpeaknSpark is structured to empower event organizers to find the speaker, trainer, presenter, or keynote that matches their topic, budget, location, and language criteria. SpeaknSpark charges no listing and no search fees.

To book a speaker through a secure payment platform and access the Event Feedback Report tool, SpeaknSpark charges a flat 5% service fee at booking (service fee minimum of $300 to access the Event Feedback Report tool). This is significantly lower than the market standard 30-50% that does not include a customized event feedback report.

We have an amazing base of award-winning, highly engaging, dynamic, and inspiring professionals at all budget levels.

Our goal is to increase access, build connections, and encourage collaboration. Shaking up the traditional limitations for speaker selection, SpeaknSpark supports innovation, increased representation of diverse perspectives, and enhanced inclusion.

What If I don’t have a budget to pay for a Speaker?

You can search the directory for speakers who waive speaker fees. In the advanced search column there is a "willing to speak for free" box to check to narrow your search to Speakers who may waive their fees. We support learning at all levels.

Are you a speaking agent?

SpeaknSpark is a marketplace to source expertise. Different that a speaking agent, SpeaknSpark Speakers have the autonomy to create and update their own profile, set their own fees, and manage their own schedule and engagements.

Why is SpeaknSpark better than using my speakers bureau?

SpeaknSpark gives Speakers and Event Leaders more access, more control, and more freedom than a traditional speakers bureau. For Event Leaders, SpeaknSpark provides direct access to a wider range and diversity of Speakers, the control to preview speaker media and past audience feedback, and access to a customized event feedback report.

I’ve submitted a Booking Request but I need to edit some of the details- how can I make the edits?

You can edit event details and add more Speakers to your booking request UNTIL the first Speaker responds. After your first response, you will need to make a new booking request with the updated event details.
How to edit
  1. Log In
  2. Go to the “Booking Request” section of the "My Account" Menu
  3. Click on your event name
  4. Select the “edit” button on the right side
  5. Update details as necessary and click- submit.
The updated details will be re-sent to all the Speakers.
Note: If you want to add Speakers, you need to add them to the previously selected Shortlist first before completing the process above.

Where can I access my Event Report?

To request an Event Report, log in to your Event Leader Account and select the “Booked Events” on the user menu.
Locate the event as listed chronologically and click the “Request Event Report Button.”
As an Event Leader you will need to be proactive about outreaching to your audience for audience reviews. Consult your confirmation emails for suggestions for encouraging audience reviews. Event Reports are only available post event, with sufficient reviews, and when the minimum service fee is met.

If I send a Booking Request to multiple speakers can I only choose one?

You can select as many Speakers/Experts as needed for an event. You will need to make sure and “checkout” all the speakers you would like to book for the event in one transaction. If you need to add a Speaker to an event, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Can I send one Booking request for an event with multiple sessions and topics?

There is a lot of coordination and organization that happens for larger events. You could consider creating separate booking requests for each topic. For event reviews to function you will need to book all Speakers under the same event booking request name and use that event pin. If you need assistance coordinating these details for a large event, reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Sign Up

What is SpeaknSpark?

SpeaknSpark is a marketplace to source expertise:Speakers, Trainers, Keynotes, Subject Matter Experts, and Consultants. We make it easier for Event Leaders to connect with the expertise that will engage, educated, and inspire their audience.

Centralizing one resource to source expertise supports cross-discipline collaboration, catalyzes public engagement, fosters diversity and innovation and overall enhances the field. We support and benefit professionals with knowledge to share, Event Leaders, and communities. Unlike traditional speakers bureaus, there are no listing and no account fees- we've removed all barriers to entry in order to grow the platform into a robust resource that encourages and fosters learning.

SpeaknSpark is currently focused on all topics related to resilience an incredibly diverse topic that includes leadership, communications, preparedness, emergency management, covid, business continuity, mental health, public safety, and risk. You can view all topics on our advanced search.

SpeaknSpark as a resource

  • Speakers and Experts: create a profile that highlights their best practices, innovation, case studies, and knowledge.
  • Event Leaders search by event criteria of topic, location, budget, and language to get direct access to background information, speaker media, and audience reviews to make the best speaker selection.
  • Communities: SpeaknSpark creates an accessible catalog of expertise, strengths relationship building, opens communication, and builds resilience. 

Do I need to be a professional paid Speaker?

This is most frequently asked question. No, you do not need to be a paid professional Speaker to join SpeaknSpark. You do need to have experience, knowledge, and an area of expertise with a willingness to share. You do not need to be the top Expert in order to have knowledge worthy of sharing. SpeaknSpark’s goal is to increase public engagement at all levels- neighborhood, city, county, region, state, and national. Having all levels of Experts on one platform strengthens SpeaknSpark as an accessible resource.

My topic isn't directly resilience-related, should I still join as a Speaker?

Yes! SpeaknSpark was created to increase access, build connections, and encourage collaboration. If any aspect of your experience or career is related to an aspect of resilience, you are encouraged to join the SpeaknSpark community. Creating a profile means instantly increased visibility and increased opportunities to share your message. Examples:
  • Psychology: PTSD awareness and techniques, long term effects of traumatic events, and best practices for creating a safe space to heal as a community
  • Law: regulatory compliance, early warning, financing, community empowerment, and accountability
  • Business: business resiliency, emergency mass notification software, workplace violence, continuity, crisis leadership
  • First Responder: CERT, First Aid, active shooter training, preparedness, Behavioral Health Program, situational awareness
  • Health & Public Health: COVID-19 response, hospital emergency planning, teamwork, complex systems
  • Community Organization: Vulnerable populations, climate resiliency, diversity and inclusion, volunteer management
  • Utility: Response plan, Public Power Mutual Aid Network
  • Science: Climate Adaptation, GIS, Volcanology

I don’t charge a Speaker fee because it's part of my job. Why should I join?

SpeaknSpark is a platform for you to share your message. Charging a Speaker fee is not required. When creating a profile, simply select the “willing to waive fees” checkbox and set the minimum and maximum speaker fee to $0.
If outreach is your goal, SpeaknSpark is a powerful tool for you and your organization to reach broader audiences. SpeaknSpark elevates the disaster, risk, and resilience fields with access, awareness, and networking. Be part of the group of leaders building this powerful and innovative resource. The larger the platform grows, the more robust a resource it will become for the Emergency Management field.

I am pretty busy and don't want to speak all the time. Should I still create a profile?

You have complete autonomy to select which events interest you. After publishing a profile, you will be ready to start receiving booking request which include detailed event information. Based on your schedule, interest, and comfort, you are empowered to decline or accept the booking requests. SpeaknSpark keeps the door open for new opportunities.

I love this idea but how does the financial part work? Is this going to cost me?

We know this is an important question and SpeaknSpark strives to be transparent in our business model.
There are no fees associated with creating an account, creating a profile, receiving booking requests, and replying. When you are booked for an event, SpeaknSpark follows the standard service fee model for marketplaces. SpeaknSpark charges a 12% service fee.

Traditional Speakers Bureaus charge usually 30-50% of a Speaker’s event rate. The SpeaknSpark service fee includes access to the payment platform and a customized speaker feedback report( must meet the minimum service fee). The Event Feedback Report is a collection tool that compares audience feedback broken down by demographics of age, gender, industry, and seniority. Example)
The earlier a speaker joins SpeaknSpark and the more often a Speaker is booked, the higher their profile ranks in search results.

I am currently a Consultant, Trainer, and/or professional Speaker. Why should I join?

SpeaknSpark is transforming the way Event Leaders search and book Experts, Speakers, Trainers, and Consultants. The SpeaknSpark vision is:
  • New connections for Experts, Speakers, and Trainers to Event Leaders and events
  • Increased access and cooperation across disaster, risk, and resilence disciplines
  • A centralized location of expertise that is publicly accessible
  • Enhanced feedback tool to support insight and growth for Speakers and events
  • Increased professional exposure for Speakers
  • Fostering diversity and inclusion
  • Expanded training to broader audience base
  • Kickstarting sharing innovations and unheard ideas
SpeaknSpark’s vision is collaborative progress. Join now as a founding member and your input will shape the development of this movement

How do I become a verified Speaker or a SpeaknSpark Speaker?

All speakers join as a community speaker. To become a verified Speaker, there is a standardized criteria set:
  • Your profile has a minimum of 10 audience reviews with an average review higher than 3.5 stars
  • You have successfully referred 3 Speakers
  • You have been booked for 3 events
  • You have participated in the SpeaknSpark community through comments, response, or engagement
To receive the verified status, collect the criteria documentation and email it off to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SpeaknSpark Speakers are selected on a case-by-case basis. SpeaknSpark speakers are game-changers that are influencing the field. They are ambassadors, share, and demonstrate the mission to foster better learning.

General Questions

What types of Speakers can I find on SpeaknSpark?

  • SpeaknSprk is currently focused on all topics related to resilience (leadership, communications, preparedness, covid, business continuity, mental health, public safety, and risk). The most common professionals and experts are:
    Homeland Security, FEMA, CDC, Military, Floodplain Managers, Geographer, Geologic Service, County Government (Emergency Managers, PIO), Hazardous Material Mgmt, Risk Assessment, Business Continuity, Disaster Survivors, Emergency Preparedness for Hospitals, Universities, Utilities, Fire, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Nonprofit, ER Physicians, EMT, and Business as well as Disaster Survivors.
  • You can search for experts by topic, budget, location, language, and audience reviews
  • If you are unable to find a speaker that fits your criteria, reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have a large network to draw from for any topic. Try us out!
SpeaknSpark will thoughtfully expand to other fields- our focus is on fields that are collaborative and communication heavy - where sharing knowledge is crucial.
  • To stay updated with SpeaknSpark expansion or suggest a topic/field that could benefit from a SpeaknSpark community- tell us here
  • How can I create an account?

    • Creating an account is simple- Sign Up
    • Choose the Speaker, Event Leader, or Audience Member profile. Demo videos for creating an account and using the site as a:
      Event Leader
      Audience Member

    How is SpeaknSpark different from a traditional speakers bureau?

    SpeaknSpark is an improved modern version of a speakers bureau. As a marketplace to source expertise, SpeaknSaprk is an innovative and convenient centralized resource to browse, bridge, and book Speakers and Experts across disciplines. This marketplace offers more choice, more information, and more access for Event Leaders. This end-to-end marketplace allows Event Leaders to conveniently browse, securely book, and collect customized audience feedback. Modernizing the traditional Speakers Bureau, Speakers create their own profile offering instant visibility and potential to share their messages with a broader audience. Speakers decide their interest, schedule, and specific event fee after receiving extensive details included the event request process.
    IMPORTANT: SpeaknSpark is structured to empower all Experts to share their knowledge and every event organizer to directly access expertise. SpeaknSpark charges no listing fees and no search fees. Speakers manage their schedule and fees without any exclusivity clauses or minimums. Structuring SpeaknSpark, we've purposefully removed all barriers encouraging Experts to join and amplify their field. .

    How can I search and browse SpeaknSpark Speaker listings?

    • Simple Search- Enter the location (city or zipcode) or keyword
    • Advanced Search- Narrow your search your location, focus, language, session type, and budget criteria

    How do I change my password or update my account information?

    Update your account information or password- Sign In and update both under the “My Account” user menu.
    Forgot your password- Sign In and select the “Forgot your password” link and follow the prompts.
    To update your Speaker Profile, Sign In, find the top "My Account' menu, select "Speaker Profile", and click on the Setting button to the right of your profile name to choose edit.

    What is the cancellation and refund policy?

    Each Speaker selects their own cancellation and refund policy. Their policy is listed on their Speaker Profile page. If an Organizer needs to cancel an event, they first need to contact the booked Speaker(s) to see if there can be an alternative arrangement. If not, the Event Leader will need to contact SpeaknSpark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and refunds will be processed according to Speaker refund policy. Service fees are nonrefundable.

    I have a question- who can I contact at SpeaknSpark?

    We would love to hear from you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Do you have an app?

    Not yet, however, our website is responsive and is optimized to be used on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.
    When creating or completing your Speaker Profile, we do suggest using a laptop or desktop for ease. Pur preferred browser is Chrome.

    Can I sign up as a Speaker or Audience Member and still book a Speaker?

    You may wear many hats and with separate emails, you can sign up as each type of user. You must sign up as an Event Leader to book speakers. If you have already signed up as a Speaker or Audience member, sign up as an Event Leader with a different email and you will manage each account separately. Speakers and Event Leaders can also review speakers.

    What is an Event Report? What is an Event Report vs Speaker Report?

    The Event Report and Speaker Report are customized feedback and analysis for both the Event Leader and Speaker to make it easier to collect and interpret audience feedback. As an enhanced feedback tool that collects and combines audience feedback and audience demographics to create a visual report of audience reviews. The customized generated Event Report provides additional insight and potential areas for growth. The Event Report includes custom feedback about the event and each specific Speaker.

    The Speaker Report is specifically designed for speakers. Similar to the Event Report’s analysis but the Speaker Report is narrowed to reviews related to the Speaker. This report analyzes reviews by demographics of age, gender, industry, experience, and education.

    Both reports are an enhanced feedback tool designed to foster growth and success for Event Leaders and Speakers.

    Speaker Profile Listings

    Can I save my Speaker profile without submitting it?

    Yes, your profile will automatically save until you are ready to submit it. Once you've submitted your profile you can edit and update it at your convenience

    What is the difference between the Short Summary and the Highlights sections of the Speaker Profile?

    The Highlights is basically a condensed version of your summary section.
    Short Summary: a narrative of your total experience as a speaker. The short summary should give a condensed clear understanding of your expertise, experience, skills, and history relevant to your speaking. The short summary is a key component of your speaker profile for an Event Leader to get a good understanding of you as a Speaker.
    Highlights: a quicker version of your short summary that is meant to show, well, highlights. The highlights section shows up on the search results page and is a core aspect of the first impression of viewers.

    What should I choose for my cancellation policy?

    Choose the cancellation policy that best suits your flexibility and the demand for your speaking skills. Event Leaders maybe influenced in their decision to book you based of your choice of cancellation policy and flexibility.

    How important are high-quality photos?

    A media rich speaker profile is key. We suggest quality photos, quality videos, and examples of decks from a previous presentations.

    How do I make a stronger Speaker Profile?

    View our Tips and Suggestions to enhance your Speaker profile.

    What if I do not have Paypal?

    Speakers and Event Leaders are currently required to use Paypal. Learn more about what Paypal has to offer here.

    Speaker, Expert, Trainer, and Consultant Questions

    What is the SpeaknSpark service fee?

    • Creating an account, submitting a profile, receiving event requests, and replying are always free.
    • SpeaknSpark follows the standard service fee model for bookings. Traditional Speaking Bureaus charge 30-50% of a speakers event rate. SpeaknSpark charges speakers 7%. The booking service fee is the only cost for utilizing all the features of the site. The service fee includes access to the payment platform and customized Event Report. The more often a Speaker is booked, the higher their profile ranks in search results.
      - If you do not have a speaker fee, there is no cost other than an optional flat rate to access your event report. Keep empowering communities with knowledge!

    What happens after I receive an Event Request?

    • You will receive a Booking Request when an Event Leader selects you as a potential Speaker for an event. The event request includes detailed information about the event date, event location, presentation length, audience size, audience type, event goals, delivery type, event budget, visual aids, level of engagement, press, and any other Speaker expectations. The Speaker reviews all these important details and has full autonomy to decide interest and event specific fee. Speakers reply to the booking request by clicking the email link and/or signing in to their account. If not automatically directed to the Booking Requests page, locate the upper right "My Account' menu, select the "Booking Requests" page, find the listed event, and click the appropriate accept or decline reply button with the option to write a note. If the Speaker needs more information or a clarifying question, there is the option to message the Event Leader prior to replying to he request.
    • The Event Leader receives all the selected Speaker responses and based off their criteria, they make a Speaker selection. Speakers who responded with an accept are notified of final Event Leader selection

    How do I contact the Event Leader before, during, and after a booking?

    • Speakers can message Event Leaders at their convenience. After a Speaker receives a Booking Request, they message the Event Leader questions or comments through the site's messaging system. After a Speaker is booked, the Speaker receives a confirmation email with the Event Leaders contact email and phone number. Speakers can contact Event Leaders as needed prior to the event.

    How much should I charge for a speakers fee?

    • Speakers list a speaker fee range on their Speaker Profile page as part of profile creation. When you receive an event request, it will include details such as presentation length, audience size, audience type, event goals, delivery type, budget, visual aids, engagement, press, and any other expectations. Taking those details and your time (prep, travel, event) into account, you will respond to each event request with your event specific fee. Keep in mind the Event Leader may be sending the event request to a list of speakers. Speakers fees really vary so widely by person, experience, event, and motivations. This article is a good base: "How Much Should You Charge for a Speech?"

    How can I list that my Speakers fee is flexible?

    • Speaker set a minimum and maximum speaker fees as a range. The Speaker responds to each Booking Request with an event specific fee. If you are flexible and open to all kinda of opportunities, you can list that as part of your summary section.

    I created an account, how do I create my Speaker profile?

    You signed up as a Speaker here. The next step is to confirm your account email (so many bots!). After clicking on the "activate your account" button you’ll sign in and will automatically be directed to your Speaker listing page. On the Speaker listing page you'll follow the flow and fill in the boxes and drop downs. Some questions have an icon you can click for more details. We created this demo for extra guidance: here When you are ready, you submit your profile. Now your profile is public and the next step is to add media. You can add, edit and update your profile at your convenience.

    How do I get paid?

    Speakers will be paid through Paypal. Prior to the first booked event, Speakers need to add their Paypal account information to their account page. To do this, sign in sign in and under the "My Account" top right menu hover on the "My Account' option and "Payment' will appear to the right. Link your Paypal account. Speakers will receive their Speaker fee 48 hour after the event directly into to their Paypal account.

    Where is my data stored and how is it secured?

    We follow industry best practices for all data storage and delivery. Your connection with this website is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption. We do not store any financial information other than your Paypal ID.

    What is the optimal image size to upload for Speaker Profiles?

    Profile Picture Tip: for best results, the image should be 800 x 800 px. Allowed Extensions - jpg,jpeg,gif,png.

    Can I share my profile?

    Yes, we suggest you share your SpeaknSpark profile on all your networks. Go to your public profile, copy the unique url and share away. Share a post on your LinkedIn page about why you joined SpeaknSpark. Share your profile with your colleagues and invite them to join: example. At the minimum, we suggest every speaker list their SpeaknSpark profile URL on LinkedIn.

    My event booked me through SpeaknSpark, how do I access the reviews about me?

    All Speaker reviews will show up on your Speaker profile. To access a report of a specific event's reviews, go to your User Menu “My Reviews,” find the specific event and click the "Request Speaker Report” button. The report will be emailed to you within 48 hours. The Speaker Report will show you all the reviews from a specific event analyzed further by audience demographics. You can only access the Speaker Report for an event if you were booked through SpeaknSpark and there are sufficient reviews for the event.This enhanced feedback tool is designed to provide additional insights for Speakers to adapt and grow. We specifically ask the audience for feedback that is professional and constructive. You can encourage your audience members to submit reviews by building in the request at the end of your presentation or as part of a post event email.