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  • "My motivation for joining the SpeaknSpark community is share resources with other like minded professionals and, above all, promote crisis and emergency management to professions worldwide. There is no industry in the world today that is not vulnerable to business interruptions, hackers, utility failures, natural hazards, or supply chain and transportation interruptions. SpeaknSpark benefits the EM community through sharing scarce resources. Our industry learns from others’ experiences — especially crisis and disaster experience — to build our own program resiliency. SpeaknSpark allows us to have access to speakers and leaders in other programs, countries, and industries we would otherwise not be able to find or reach. It’s social media and professional networking distilled down to an easily searchable and user friendly platform."
  • "Networking is very important to professional success. Joining SpeaknSpark will give me an opportunity to collaborate with like minded professional in Emergency Management. Joining SpeaknSpark will also give me an avenue to engage audiences on today's solutions for emergency management."
  • "I am excited about this opportunity as Emergency Management truly is a collaborative field, and any chance that we have to work together and discuss what is working well in our own locations is a chance to lift the entire field a little higher. "
  • I like the idea of the networking exposure and hope my participation can help others by me being able to deliver my message to them and serve as a speaker and educator as needed to meet THEIR needs. I think a format such as this allows for the meeting of new individuals to serves needs and even to make EVERYONE aware of what capabilities we can all share with one another. I totally expect someone I know down the road to see my profile and say "I never knew you did speaking engagements?!"
  • In the past here has been no one-stop-shop to go to and find emergency management subject matter experts, speakers and trainers. Recently I found SpeaknSpark. I thought it was a great idea. I signed up immediately and wanted to share it with you and as widely as possible. I fully endorse this platform.
  • "I love being part of your program and we sincerely appreciate your support. I hope this initiative helps create more outstanding profiles (I find we often struggle to know where to look to talk on a variety of topics) and I am so pleased to see the potential for supporting all EM-focused nonprofits! Thank you for letting me be part of your network!"

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