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Knowledge is for sharing and sharing that knowledge is a skill. A vibrant community of audience reviews is what makes SpeaknSpark a unique community.

Giving feedback as part of this community is key. When you submit a review you are part of better:

  1. Feedback that allows event leaders to make better more informed decisions.
  2. Feedback for Speakers. Speakers need useful feedback to continue to grow. Sign up for an account now
  3. Structure and sharing that is fundamental to fostering better learning.
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Your Information

After you write a Speaker review, it becomes publicly visible. Your Review will display on the Speaker's profile under your first name and last initial. All other identifying information is confidential. SpeaknSpark uses audience demographic information to create an Event report for the event leader and speaker. The report is a visual representation combining audience response and demographics that does not include any specific audience identifiable information.

Future Benefits For You

Being able to browse and select speakers based on reviews is a tool for selecting the best speaker for an audience-which will again benefit you! We all know the power of reviews toward saving time and money.

How it Works

1. Create An Audience Account

Complete basic information about yourself we use to verify users. Your information will not be shared to identify you to a speaker or audience member.


Option 1: Search for the speaker you to review and click on the “Review Speaker” button on their profile page.
Option 2: Event Pin- after creating an audience account, sign in to the User Menu item “Submit a Review” where you can search for speaker by event pin, event name, or speaker name. If you attended and event that requested feedback follow the emailed link and event pin.

3. Review and Confirm

Constructively rate the event and/or Speakers based off of content, delivery, and overall presentation. Share your experience and suggestions with a chance for to add any comments.

What happens next?

Reviews are usually posted within a business day. All reviews goes through a quick but thorough set of checks that can take up to five business days.
Already wrote a review, but need to make some changes? Please contact us with the changes you want to make.


  • SpeaknSpark supports constructive and professional oriented reviews. Reviews will be associated with your first name and last initial. As a community, we hope contributors will be genuinely supportive of each other.
  • Please refrain from posting offensive, obscene, threatening or abusive reviews. If you personally attack others those reviews may be removed. Attacks create a hostile environment. You are fully responsible for libelous or defamatory comments.
  • Hate-speech will not be tolerated. User reviews containing racism, homophobia, sexism, or any other form of hate-speech have no place on our site.
  • Please note that user reviews may be reviewed, edited, or modified by the moderator for any reason, including but not limited to language.
  • Stay on topic. User reviews should be related to the speaker and event discussed in the associated listing. The best reviews give a clear sense of why and what you liked or disliked as an audience member. And that means details. Mention specifics. In order to keep the review relevant, off-topic comments may be edited or removed.
  • Don't impersonate someone else. You may not use a false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise mislead as to the origin of your review. This includes shilling or creating a deceptive advertisement. If we believe you've impersonated someone else, or represent a conflict of interest, we reserve the right to remove the review.
  • Spam and commercial content will be removed. We do not welcome reviews containing copy used for commercial purposes or for soliciting funds. If we see them, we reserve the right to remove them.
  • Readers may "report"concerns about other user reviews. If a reader reports a concern, moderators will endeavor to review that concern as soon as possible. This may take a few days although we hope to review reviews more quickly. We do not remove every review that has been reported and we cannot respond individually to every report.
  • Don't include personal information in your reviews. We strongly discourage audience members from posting personal information about themselves (ex. address, telephone number, workplace) and reserve the right to remove any reviews we find with personal information about other people or that violates a third party's right to privacy.
  • Complaints about removed reviews. We reserve the right to remove reviews left to protest a removed review. Please contact us if you have any complaints about deleted comments.
  • SpeaknSpark may excerpt your reviews.
  • Repeated abuse of our guidelines may lead to review privileges being suspended. If you think you've been banned by mistake, let us know.

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