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    Founder and CEO
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    The Resiliency Initiative
  • Associations
    International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)
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  • Private Response & Coordination of Public/Private/Nonprofit
    Risk Assessment & Audit Tool:
    Learn to create a personalized, actionable audit checklist tool to develop the foundations of your emergency and crisis plans.

    Emergency & Crisis Plans
    Using the data from your risk assessment and audit tool, learn to develop a building emergency plan and create a crisis management plan specific to your organization's operations.
  • First Aid, CPR & Household Preparedness
    Becoming Resilient: Learn how to conduct a household or business preparedness "scavenger hunt".

    Certified Resilient Training
    A two-hour all-hazards course designed to empower your employees to prepare for, respond to and recovery from any type of crisis event. This training can be tailored to focus on a specific hazard or concern.
  • Incident Command System & Incident Management
    Building a Crisis Management Infrastructure: Learn how to develop a comprehensive and actionable crisis management program for your organization aligned with international emergency management and business continuity concepts.
  • Leadership, Communication & Motivational
    Crisis Management: What Is It, Why Does It Matter? Lessons Learned over a 20+ Year Career.
  • Other
    Half-day to full-day facilitated conversation focused on developing your organization's crisis response strategy and aligning your business continuity protocol to your overall business objectives. Strategic Planning Workshops include:
    -A scenario-based, decision-making session
    -Facilitated brainstorming to determine your continuity of operation strategy
    -Development of an outline of your crisis response protocols
  • Phases: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery
    Response Checklists
    Using the content from your emergency and crisis plans, you will learn how to create quick-use "grab and go" response checklists for your leadership and employees.

    Tabletop Exercise
    A two-hour capabilities-driven scenario that will test your employees' and leadership's knowledge of your emergency and crisis plans. Using the after action data from your tabletop exercise, a detailed After Action Report and next-step matrix will be developed and provided to all attendees.
  • Preparedness, Continuity, & Contingency Planning
    Business Continuity Plan
    Learn how to create a detailed plan focused on outlining your critical business operations emphasizing how to keep them running and get you back to business quickly after a crisis event.

    Crisis Communications Plan
    Communicating to your employees, business partners and customers during and following a crisis event is key to a business' successful recovery; learn how to create a personalized communication plan with templates to address this critical and often overlooked area.

    Special Event Plan or Specific Hazard Annex
    Some businesses may require focusing their planning efforts on a major event like large sporting event, concert or a specific hazard such as an oil spill, earthquake or cyber-intrusion. You learn how to will create a specialized and focused annex to your plan which outlines specific responses to the hazard.
  • Resilience
    Certified Resilient Training
    A two-hour all-hazards course designed to empower your employees to prepare for, respond to and recovery from any type of crisis event. This training can be tailored to focus on a specific hazard or concern.
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  • Summary
    I started humbly: college as a single teen mother and waitressing graveyard shifts to make ends meet. Those challenges fostered my drive to succeed and a desire to help others in crisis.

    I have been in the field of crisis management since 1999. I started in the non-profit sector developing Y2K crisis response plans. I went on to serve in the US Federal Government as the Emergency Manager for the 12th District Federal Reserve Bank and as the External Affairs Director for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Louisiana Recovery Office for Hurricane Katrina. For the past eight years, I have led crisis management departments for multi-national, Fortune 50 companies.
  • Highlights
    My passion is volunteer service which led to my selection as the Inaugural Emergency Manager of the Year by the International Association of Emergency Managers in 2018 and my inauguration in to the Women's Hall of Fame for Emergency Management in 2013.

    I was recently elected as Chair for the NW Arkansas American Red Cross. My prior service includes: the Board Chair for the American Red Cross, LA Region, a Member of the Tiffany Circle National Council, a Member of the US Save the Children's Corporate Board, an Advisory Board Member for Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society, a Member of the National Children's Resiliency Leadership Board and a Member of the Garry Marshall Theatre board.
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    Informal: Full refund and flexibility
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    $2500 To $5000
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    21 Year(s)
    Events Last Year 1
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Event TitleEvent DateLocation
The International Association of Emergency Managers Annual ConferenceNovember 19, 2020virtual
Annual Building Resilience Through Private-Public Partnerships ConferenceJuly 23, 2019Washington DC
2019 Risk Management ConferenceAugust 25, 2019Tokyo, Japan
Geopolitical Risks for Business in 2021March 05, 2021virtual; Mumbai India

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