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    San Francisco Bay Area
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    CEO/Founder-21 CLETS, LLC
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    County of San Mateo
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  • Private Response & Coordination of Public/Private/Nonprofit
    Situational Awareness
    Continuation of Operations
    Social Media interaction
    Public Safety Exercises
  • Community Volunteer Group
    "I am new, what do I do?"-How to set up a community group, who to work with and how to partner
    Succession Planning for your organization-How to establish next steps for your organization and where to build resilience, redundancies
  • COVID-19
    PPE and you-How to locate supplies, think creatively, and have stock on hand for 60 days
    Beer to Hand Sanitizer-How we did it, who we worked with and lessons learned
    Mental Resliency after the storm-When COVID is over do you have a plan on demobilizing and having the resilience for the next steps?
  • Disaster Services Government
    Finances and you
    Grant funding
    How to prepare a Risk/Gap Analysis
  • Disaster Survivor
    I survived being shot at
    Civil Unrest
    Pipeline explosions
  • Exercises, Drills & Training
    Active Shooter
    Transportation incidents
    Peer Support
    Community Engagement
    Drones and you
  • First Responder
    Officer Involved Shooting
    Civil Unrest
    Retirement Planning
    Opening a business
    sUAS/Drones and you
  • Incident Command System & Incident Management
    Continuation of Operations
    ICS 300
    ICS 400
    Organization Sustainability
  • Innovation, Technology & Sustainability
    Distance based Learning
    Digital Classroom
    Paperless support
  • Leadership, Communication & Motivational
    OES Director San Mateo County
    Officer Involved Shootings
    Civil Disobedience
  • Phases: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery
    OODA Loop
  • Preparedness, Continuity, & Contingency Planning
    Situational Awareness-Do you see what I see? How to be prepared for protests, riots, critical events to survive and thrive
    Continuation of Operations-How to #beprepared for sustained operations over days, weeks, months, and years
  • Resilience
    Critical Incident Stress Management Debriefs-What do you do when you have an event
    We had an officer involved shooting in our area, now what?-Lessons learned from the officer, manager, emergency manager roles and responsibilities
  • Volunteer Management, Volunteer Responder, Nonprofit
    Spontaneous Volunteers
  • Workplace Safety
    Sustainability and Germs
    Office Security
    Operation ID
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  • Summary
    CEO/Founder of 21 CLETS, LLC a public safety training company which seeks to break down the barriers of different disciplines to train together to create a more resilient community. Professional law enforcement manager with over 25 years of service and experience. Graduate of numerous management, leadership, instructional, and training programs. Innovative thinker and futurist who stays abreast of new technologies and trends in all of public safety, including emergency management. Skilled collaborator who seeks out opportunities to build partnerships through networking and mentorship in both the public and private sector. Long track record of successful completion of major projects and developing creative solutions. Lifelong San Mateo County resident who takes pride in local community service.
  • Highlights
    Established 21 CLETS, LLC as a public safety training provider bringing together all Public Safety disciplines to learn, train, and play together in an effort to build a more resilient community and create a culture of being prepared for critical incidents. The company has established 25 certified classes for Public Safety with preferred partners maintaining profitable status shifting to online learning during a global pandemic. #breakdownsilos #learningisfun

    COVID-19 PPE Coordinator for the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office-initiated donation drop off locations, sourced supplies from local brewery, developed strategic stockpile, established policy, procedures and distribution system within the organization.

    San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Community Magazine Editor-Established community magazine for service to contract cities and unincorporated areas of San Mateo County featuring important positive interactions between the community and public safety.

    San Mateo County Police Chiefs and Sheriff Association, and Fire Chief Association. Developed a comprehensive, mass-casualty, multi-agency response plan in the event of a active shooter/violent intruder.

    Community Policing-Social Media Developed class, instruction, instructors, and content development for public safety communities to use to increase engagement, develop trust, facilitate tough conversations, in order to improve relationships, reduce crime, and recruit members of the community to become employees.

    San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office & California State Court System. Improved security for the Redwood City campus by developing a new video surveillance program, card key access, and legal digital storage requirements.

    Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative. Identified and created the risk gap analysis for San Mateo County which identified areas of improvement to drive development of Homeland Security grant funding.

    Professional and technical qualifications:
    ● MPA, Public Policy
    University of San Francisco
    ● BA, Political Science
    University of San Francisco

    CALIFORNIA P.O.S.T. Master Instructor
    F.B.I. - LEEDA Supervisory Leadership
    INCIDENT COMMAND SYSTEMS 100, 200, 300, 700 & 800
    CALIFORNIA P.O.S.T.-Management School
    COUNTY OF SAN MATEO-Public Sector Leadership Academy
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    • Trainer
    • Planning/Meeting Facilitation
    • Master of Ceremonies/Moderator
    • Remote/Webinar/Live Video
    • Consulting
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    Flexible: Full refund up to 3 day prior to event, except fees (travel and service)
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    $1000 To $0
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    25 Year(s)
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Breaking Down SilosDecember 14, 2020Online

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