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    Senior Manager, Emergency Management Operations
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    PROSCI Change Management Practitioner, Associate BCP, Associate CEM
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  • Community Volunteer Group
    Community hubs, and their vital importance to emergency management
    Volunteer engagement
    Spontaneous volunteers
    Management of emergency Social Services Programs in Canada
  • COVID-19
    Leadership in pandemic response and recovery
    Innovation and program design to meet rapidly evolving needs in the pandemic
    Business continuity within disaster management during covid19
  • Disaster Services Government
    Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, designing analysis methodology and engagement to meet provincial and municipal needs
    Collaborative multi-agency Program development
  • Incident Command System & Incident Management
    Disaster response management in Canada with IMS and ICS
    The drawbacks and limitations of IMS/ICS
    Building flexibility and integration in response with and without IMS
  • Innovation, Technology & Sustainability
    Data management - hidden hazard in emergency management
    Integration of response to cyber threats in emergency management - how, when, and who
  • Leadership, Communication & Motivational
    Leadership in the crucible of crisis - managing teams and continuity of service in long term response.
    Mental health and safety when managing crisis events
  • Volunteer Management, Volunteer Responder, Nonprofit
    Volunteer management in community Emergency programs
    Community emergency preparedness presentations and engagement
    Community agencies and their vital role in sustainable and long-lasting preparedness, response and recovery
  • Vulnerable Populations & Diversity
    Humanitarian response and recovery
    Understanding vulnerable communities to meet their needs before, during and after crisis (emergency management lens)
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    My mission as an Emergency Management and Business Continuity professional can be summarized in 3 words; Systematic, holistic, and innovative.


    I strongly believe not only in the value of carefully crafted plans, but also thoughtful and strategic program development. A program that has carefully considered the need for flexibility and availability, and is based on evidence-based risk assessment, has the potential to be a very powerful mechanism for response and recovery.

    Such program development is fundamentally linked with good management and use of data, keeping pace with digital transformation, and evidence-based design.


    Finding ways to improve the quality of both programs and approaches to Emergency Management, in spite of resource challenges, is a cornerstone of my approach to all aspects of my work.

    Relationship-building and collaboration are key to building holistic and inclusive programs. I am always mindful of the value of forging bonds between community, private and public-sector partners, building combined and collective capacity to create robust and responsive programs.


    My mission in every engagement is to innovate and strive for continuous improvement of existing programs. Through working across Canada, I’ve had the opportunity to experience Emergency Management in a variety of different communities.

    Innovation can be seen as a challenge and change can be uncomfortable. However, when used correctly, both can be valuable tools in the face of a rapidly changing, complex and ever-more digital world. Understanding these shifts can help policy makers, business leaders, and workers develop programs that keep pace with the reality of Emergency response, to create meaningful change and improvement.
  • Highlights
    Winner of the 2018 Canada Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award.

    Public safety professional.
    Humanitarian leader.
    Committed mentor.
    Self-proclaimed data nerd.
    Sci-Fi geek.
    Master of disaster.
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    Informal: Full refund and flexibility
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    15 Year(s)
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