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  • Hennepin Technical College Thank You
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  • Job Title
  • Company
    Hytropy Disaster Management
  • Associations
    IAEM, Infragard, DRII
  • How Far Are You Willing to Travel?
  • Animals & Disasters
    5 Proven Steps to Prepare Any Animal for Any Disaster

    How I Taught My Cat to Be Ready For Any Disaster

    Animal Preparedness and Sheltering from A to Zebra
  • Private Response & Coordination of Public/Private/Nonprofit
    The Proven Public/Private Matrix for Any Disaster
  • Community Volunteer Group
    Maintaining a Crack CERT Team

    Successfully Working with a CERT Team on Your Property
  • COVID-19
    Planning Operations in the Post-COVID World

    How I Successfully Got My Employees to Come Back to Work Post-COVID

    Successfully Transitioning from a Pre to Post-COVID Workplace
  • Exercises, Drills & Training
    The 3 Keys to a Successful Exercise Program

    What 1000 Exercises Have Taught Me About Disaster Planning

    Baptism of Fire: The Secret to Realistic Drills
  • First Aid, CPR & Household Preparedness
    Why Your Family Isn't Prepared and the One Secret You Need to Change That

    Proven Steps to the 5P's of Preparedness

    Beyond the Red Backpack: Disaster Planning for Everyone
  • First Responder
    EMS Disaster Training for Real Life

    Drilling EMS Teams Effectively for Disasters and Major Emergencies

    Turning 18-Year Old EMT Students Into Crack Emergency Responders
  • Healthcare & Public Health
    The 5 Steps to Preparing Any Healthcare Facility

    Compliance and Operational Readiness in Healthcare

    How I Got My Facility Ready For Any Disaster in Just 1 Year
  • Incident Command System & Incident Management
    ICS for Any Small Business

    ICS for Real Disaster Managers
  • Innovation, Technology & Sustainability
    Beyond the Gizmo: The True Key to Technology Implementation

    Separating the Sales Hype from Real Disaster Preparedness

    Wonder Weapons to Slay the Preparedness Dragon
  • Leadership, Communication & Motivational
    Leading Disasters From Front to Back

    Motivating Employees from the Mail Room to the CEO

    Communicating Disaster Management When it Matters Most
  • Mental & Behavioral Health: Responders + Survivors
    The 5 Steps You Must Take After Every Disaster

    Reducing Psychological Casualties After A Disaster by 50%

    From Trauma to Separation: The Psychological Tools Proven to Work Post-Disaster
  • Phases: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery
    The One Lesson You MUST Implement in Any Disaster Recovery

    Increase Your Preparedness by 21% with this One Trick

    Recovering in 2 Weeks Without Going Broke
  • Preparedness, Continuity, & Contingency Planning
    The One Preparedness Tactic Essential to Your Business' Recovery
  • Resilience
    Think Like Bruce Lee For the One Key to True Resilience

    Recovering and Making Your Business Resilient in the Post-COVID World
  • Terrorism
    How Terrorism Begins, And How it Always Ends

    5 Keys to Preparing for Terrorism

    Preparing for Active Shooters and Terrorist Attacks
  • Volunteer Management, Volunteer Responder, Nonprofit
    The 3 Secrets to Volunteer Management Without Having Everyone Quit

    The Crimes We Commit Against Our Volunteers

    How to Use One Secret to Increase Volunteer Retention by 30%
  • Vulnerable Populations & Diversity
    Preparing Economically Disadvantaged Populations for Any Disaster

    How I Prepared 50,000 Disabled People in 3 Months
  • LinkedIn
  • Website
  • Summary
    CEO Small Business Disaster Preparedness Company, US National Private Sector Representative (FEMA), Infragard National SME, Sector Chairperson (Commercial Facilities), Accredited Speaker, Gold Medalist Public Speaker.
  • Highlights
    Disaster preparedness doesn't have to be doom-and-gloom! To me, disaster plans are empowering documents that can really come to life with the right approach. Brand-new red backpacks and flashy technology doesn't impress me. I believe that empowering people for success are the key to successful disaster responses, not treating them like an old flashlight. I'm an exciting, internationally-award winning speaker with a dynamic style that will energize your audience.

    I have completed disaster plans for small businesses in over 53 vertices, and am considered the world's leading expert in small business disaster preparedness. I was the youngest US National Private Sector Representative to FEMA, and have worked with families, disabled populations, animal organizations, and so many more.
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  • Session Types
    • Keynote
    • Workshop
    • Breakout Session
    • Panel
    • Trainer
    • Planning/Meeting Facilitation
    • Remote/Webinar/Live Video
    • Consulting
  • Cancellation Policy
    Strict: 50% refund up until 1 month prior to event, except fees (travel and service)
  • Price Range
    $3000 To $10000
  • Experience
    15 Year(s)
    Events Last Year 4
  • Languages
    • Chinese
    • English
Event TitleEvent DateLocation
Crisis Communication from CEO to WorkerJuly 23, 2021Virtual
Disaster Preparedness in Outdoor Hospitality in the Post-COVID worldApril 17, 2021Virtual
Executive Business Continuity for Property ManagersJune 09, 2021Virtual
Leading During DisastersJune 01, 2021Virtual
3 Keys to Disaster Success in 2021May 26, 2021Virtual
The 5 Elements of a Successful Disaster PlanJune 16, 2021Virtual
Preparing the Deaf for DisastersApril 14, 2021Virtual
Mental Health Emergency Response: A to ZMay 14, 2021Virtual
Trauma and Traumatic Disease Post-DisasterMay 10, 2021Virtual

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