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  • State
    New Jersey
  • City
    Central NJ
  • Zipcode
  • Job Title
    Executive Director
  • Company
    The Center for Emergency Management Intelligence Research
  • Associations
    International Association of Emergency Managers
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    • Local
    • Within 50 miles
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  • Private Response & Coordination of Public/Private/Nonprofit
    Please see above.
  • Community Volunteer Group
    Coordination by local, county/parish, state/tribal government with non-governmental organizations on full-cycle readiness. See for article which can become a presentation/roundtable event.
  • COVID-19
    Continuity needs for Emergency Management organizations themselves, in relation to the "new normal" that this pandemic has created. See for the academic perspective, which can be adapted for a practitioner audience.

    Also, strong advocate for "whole-community/whole-of-government' response to global pandemics - it is not just the responsibility of emergency management. See
  • Disaster Services Government
    Introduction of Emergency Management Intelligence into the day-to-day, as well as emergency/disaster modality of EM organizations. See

    Incorporating Education and Childcare into Emergency Management priorities. See
  • Exercises, Drills & Training
    Lots of HSEEP-compliant exercise topics, mostly on the basics: evacuation vs. shelter-in-place vs. active assailant. Also can present an advanced exercise discussion (and tabletop) on Electro-Magnetic Pulse as a catastrophic threat - and what EM organizations can really do to plan, organize, equip, train and exercise towards these. See for details.
  • Incident Command System & Incident Management
    See Introduction of Emergency Management Intelligence into the day-to-day, as well as emergency/disaster modality of EM organizations. See

    See The Center for Emergency Management Intelligence Research - at - for many more specifics on ICS. Mr. Prasad is the Executive Director of the CEMIR and can speak extensively on this topic.
  • Leadership, Communication & Motivational
    Previous subjects are all leadership-oriented.

    Also have a whole series on building and maintaining Crisis Communications Teams in organizations. See for existing workshops and online course which has been developed.
  • Other
    Strong advocate for children in disasters issues, as well as disability integration needs for emergency management (DAFN). See for an article on the need for templated crisis communications accessible to people with disabilities, access and functional needs (DAFN).
  • Phases: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery
    All topics can be covered. Working on a "socially reengineering" the EM community to think of Readiness, instead of Preparedness.
  • Preparedness, Continuity, & Contingency Planning
    Please see above.
  • Program Development, Assessment & Staff Management
    Please see above.
  • Resilience
    Please see above - Readiness = Resiliency.
  • Terrorism
    Can speak to the Emergency Management Intelligence aspects of Foreign Terrorist Organizations and Domestic Violent Extremists. See works produced for the National Security Policy and Analysis Organization, which has been consolidated into one document at
  • Volunteer Management, Volunteer Responder, Nonprofit
    Please see above.
  • Vulnerable Populations & Diversity
    Please see above.

    Also, Mr. Prasad is a member of the Disaster Researchers for Justice group.
  • Workplace Safety
    Most of my professional focus has been on life safety - including that of emergency management and emergency service workers - so workplace safety always comes into play as the top priority.
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  • Summary
    The protection of your staff, visitors, and the community in general is top of mind for most business owners, as well as response agencies and organizations. Achieving this can be a challenge but having a professional team, guided by an expert with an extensive emergency management and business continuity, is a key step in the right direction.

    My passion lies in ensuring community safety, high-level staff performance, and disaster readiness before, during and after any type of incidents may happen. I am well-versed in emergency planning strategies, disaster recovery and physical security planning, as well as state and federal emergency management procedures. I have proven expertise as a strategic and effective leader of teams within chaotic situations - and I always have two ways out of any situation. My expertise is in creating emergency plans, working on contingency planning, and developing / facilitating drills to help make emergency administration easier.
  • Highlights
    Expertise in:
    - Community Relations
    - Emergency Planning and Response
    - Incident and Resource Management
    - Disaster/Crisis Response & Recovery
    - Crisis Communications Teams
  • Session Types
    • Keynote
    • Workshop
    • Breakout Session
    • Panel
    • Trainer
    • Planning/Meeting Facilitation
    • Remote/Webinar/Live Video
    • Consulting
  • Cancellation Policy
    Flexible: Full refund up to 3 day prior to event, except fees (travel and service)
  • Price Range
    $250 To $1000
  • Experience
    17 Year(s)
    Events Last Year 0
  • Languages
Event TitleEvent DateLocation
IAEM USA Region 2 ConferenceJune 29, 2023Emergency Management Intelligence

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