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Here are a few tips on how to make your profile powerful:

  1. Profile Photo
  • A photo taken within the past two years. A picture that depicts you accurately will ensure your credibility in the long run.
  • A high quality with a simple background: It does not need to be a professional photo shoot, but choose a clean sharp image to make a good impression. Make sure your headshot is in focus, with good lighting.
  • Show your face: your face should take up at least 50% of the photo. You should be the only face in the photo
  • Size- the ideal size is 800 x 800px. in the following file types: jpg,jpeg,gif,png.
  1. Creating a Great Headline and Highlights
  • Your headline is what gets event organizers to click on your profile: the headline and highlights and your photo will appear in all search results so make sure they are compelling
  • Only list your most relevant job title and organization. Don’t list any irrelevant past companies that have nothing to do with the topics you speak about or train in, just highlight your subject matter expertise.
  • Talk directly to your audience and highlight your specialties. Create a headline that is unique and original, and that can distinguish you

To make your profile more searchable, always include important keywords, but avoid diving too deep into industry-specific jargon.

  1. Expertise in Your Bio

The bio is the first section an Event Organizer will read after they click on your profile. Make it robust, concise, and personal. Imagine they have 20 seconds to read your bio: what do you want them to take away?

  • Be clear: Have a narrative and stick to it. Are you an expert in one area, an academic researcher, passion for innovator, honed into community outreach? Keep it simple and be clear about your positioning.
  • Be personable: Speak in first person. Show off your personality. Are you funny? Are you very direct? Let your summary reflect your style. Keep it engaging and to the point.
  • Be specific: there is a big difference between giving a presentation to a “large audience” or saying that you spoke to “750 senior-level delegates at their executive retreat”. Include figures, numbers, the level of seniority of your audience and any other information that makes your expertise more concrete.
  • Pay attention to the layout: make sure to break the text into paragraphs, bullet points and easy-to-read sections. Make the relevant information crystal clear.

Keep it current and accurate: Don’t copy and paste sections of your old resume or CV, fill this profile in with what you have been doing lately, and what you'd like to be doing. Always stick to what you can actually deliver. False statements and representations can lead to disappointment from the organizer..

  1. Showcase Through Media

Showcasing your speaking talent is the very best way to show your skills. It is one thing to say you are an expert, but it is another thing to showcase it with decks, photos, videos, articles, and podcasts of your presentations.

  • Include videos. compared to other content formats, video is best for showing event organizers exactly what your stage presence looks like.
  • Presentation Slides (via Slideshare or Scribd) and Prezis. To increase the visibility of your presentations, don’t let them die after you've delivered them. Upload your presentations to SlideShare, and add the links to your profile to showcase them.

When choosing which content to showcase, make sure you keep in mind what kind of opportunities you are looking for and keep the content relevant to this.

  1. Connect, Share and Update your profile.

Keep your page up to date with your current material, and the most recent events you’ve presented at.  

Tip: make sure you’ve selected all the appropriate options for how far you are willing to travel. Example: if you select within 250 miles, also select within 100 miles, within 50 miles, and local.

Share your SpeaknSpark profile. When you are networking, you can direct people to your Speaker profile to showcase the work you do as a Speaker.