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The 2022 Webinar Series is focused on Climate Change and Climate Adaptation.

Harnessing Climate Change Data for Better Decision Making

February, 17th, 2022 | 11AM PST | Zoom | Cost: waived
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Guest: Adam Sobel

Adam H. Sobel is an Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor at Columbia University. Adam studies weather and climate, with a focus on extreme weather events and a particular interest in the tropics. He has developed novel methods for essential mechanisms and understanding the connections between weather and climate. Sobel was featured in the 2012 NOVA documentary "Inside the Megastorm" about Hurricane Sandy, and later published the book Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate, and Extreme Weather of the Past and Future (2014).

Host: Todd DeVoe

Todd De Voe is an emergency management educator and the host of EM Weekly. Todd is a lifelong learner, and he is a graduate of the National Emergency Management Executive Academy's Cohort VII. He continues to research and write about important emergency management issues, crisis leadership, business continuity, and community relicense Todd is an active member of the International Association of Emergency Managers and is on the Region 9 board. Todd is an avid reader. Some of his favorite topics are leadership, emergency management, history, philosophy, and spy thrillers. Todd on SpeaknSpark

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